Our patented BikeParker is ideal for people wishing to combine the advantages of a crowd barrier and a bicycle rack.

Animation: BikeParker – YouTube

The BikeParker makes it possible to store 7 bikes per rack and can also be used as a crowd barrier. It’s ideal to use as a bicycle storage place for businesses or can be perfectly used a bicycle rack for small and big events. They can be easily pushed together to take up as little space as possible for storage and transportation. To facilitate transport even more, they can be supplied with a matching trailer and/or box to make loading and unloading even easier.


  • Bicycle rack for seven bikes
  • Can be parked in both forward and reverse
  • Multifunctional use as crowd barrier
  • Space-saving storage


  • Blue bicycle protection
  • Personalized banner
  • Trailer for easy transportation
  • Box for easy (un)loading and storage
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