Who We Are

Founded in the late 1980’s by a fusion of the two companies Mapo and Depsy, we are a company specialized in the fabrication of metal, stainless steel and aluminium parts with a main focus on the bicycle industry. The vast majority of our manufactured bike parts comprises of mudguards, mudguard struts and chain covers. Complementary to our activities in the bicycle industry, we produce the patented BikeParker, which is a crowd barrier with an additional opportunity as a bicycle rack.

Awards and Nominations

Our Process

Idea & Concept

First of all we discuss the customer's needs and expectations

Design & Adaptation

We create or adapt existing products in consultation with the customer, to get up with the best solution TOGETHER

Model & Testing

If we have a design we create a small number of models to test if the needs of the customer are fulfilled


After client approval, we produce the requested products on a larger scale

We at Metasol

Hope to get to know you!

If you are interested in our work of if you have any questions, please contact us.

We will gladly help you.

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